What’s Next?

I am happy to be done with the AZT but I miss it already. Such is the way of the thru-hiker. Despite (or perhaps because of) the daily challenges, there is something so profoundly satisfying about hiking, something existential in the experience that soothes the adventure-prone soul. It’s been less than 3 weeks since I reached the border and already I can feel a stirring of restlessness. The seed is planted for some new adventure. To occur in the fall of 2016, perhaps?! What will it be? The Hayduke Trail, the Israeli National Trail, New Zealand’s Te Aurora? Grad school applications? (Re: probably not the latter.) In the meantime…

I am settling back into the daily grind at home near Boulder, CO. I shouldn’t call it a “grind,” though, as of now it is quite refreshing. I’ll be temporarily employed for a couple of months as a substitute teacher, and then I’ll be returning to basically the best job in the world, where I get to romp around outside all day with teenagers. (Well, it’s a lot more complicated than that, but you get the idea. :D)

Whilst routine calls, I will be continuing my long-distance running pursuits. (I.e. possibly this 50-miler.) Indeed, I owe you a review of the Colossal 50/50, in which I ran the 55-kilometer race 36 hours after finishing the AZT…

I also owe you concluding thoughts about many facets of the AZT.* I plan to write primarily about trail conditions and gear. In addition, look out for an updated version of my friend Rainer’s AZT town guide! I took notes along the way and we are collaborating to update it a little bit. I found it to be super useful along my hike, and if you are a future AZT hiker you should download it ASAP. It’s free but I highly suggest donating some $$ to Rainer, who, besides being crazy fast hiker trash, is also an exceptional visual and music artist.

So, stay tuned for some exciting stuff ahead!

*From now on, everything will be in written, not audio, format. I have access to a computer now, which makes writing everything much easier. Additionally, I recognize that a lot of folks frequented my blog but didn’t actually listen to (m)any of the audio recordings. I hope that arriving in a different format, my soon-to-come summaries will prove easily accessible and informative/useful.


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