CDT 2018!!!!!

I put in six weeks notice at my job this week. Feelings: sadness, because I really like my job a lot. Happiness, because I really like thru-hiking. Thoughts: for awhile, I thought I was going to hike the CDT this year. Then I decided not to, because my life in Tucson is great. But then I went on a vacation, got really sick, and somehow the combination of those two made me realize how badly I wanted to hike the CDT. Badly enough, apparently, to give up a great job and living in a wonderful community with lovely friends. But, I am sure to encounter an inspiring community on the CDT, and I am both ecstatic and nervous for the challenges and adventures that await.


5 thoughts on “CDT 2018!!!!!

  1. Thats great! CDT was definitely my favorite, its the hardest of the 3, but its all doable and rewarding! I just decided to hike GET this spring. Perhaps we’ll cross paths at the Gila Cliff Dwellings lol.


  2. HandStand

    Happy to hear that you´re finally gonna hike the CDT! An old friend of mine from the AT, Jackrabbit, is hiking this year too. I´ll tell him to say Hi if he meets you on trail:) And beware of karma; you know what I´m talking about…


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