DAY 37: FIRST 30

30 miles hiked
618.2 total miles

Ddubs, Gallant, and I decide we want to hike 30 miles today. We knock off 15 by lunch. A few miles after lunch, I meet up with Ddubs, and we are concerned because Gallant is nowhere to be found. Later, we cook dinner and wait around at a campground for him. 5 miles left. We leave eventually, because otherwise we’ll have to hike in the dark. Down the road, a camper says he saw Gallant pass by earlier. How did we miss him? I hope he has set up camp where we had all agreed to end the day. 3 miles later, we find Gallant with camp set up, 2 miles shy of 30. He has started a fire, because he saw 2 bears. Sometime I don’t follow his logic. I tell him I am pressing on 2 more miles. I scramble off to an exposed campsite at some 11,000ft. Ddubs convinces him to press on too. They put the fire out, and show up in the dark to my windy perch on the mountainside. We all pass the fuck out.


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