18 miles hiked
636.2 total miles

Today we cross the border into Colorado. I am exhausted in the morning because I slept on a sloped surface, too sloped. I woke up all night. Maybe part of it had to do with hiking 30 miles yesterday. Either way, some caffeine does the trick and the afternoon is full of the promise of Colorado (a new state!) and entering into the infamous San Juan Mountains. The San Juans are my old tromping grounds, where I grew up camping, fishing, hiking, and backpacking with my family. They were my escape from the mundaneness of small town New Mexico. As I cross the border, I think (and write) that I have once more escaped the entrapment of the Land of Enchantment, though this time there is a twinge of sadness at leaving a rediscovered beauty. Upon arriving to Cumbres Pass, we stick out our thumbs and the first car that passes pulls over! We are living the town life in Chama in no time.


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