17 miles hiked
700.6 total miles

Today is cold and begins with snow travel. I almost appreciate the slow going on snow because it gives me a chance to take in the beautiful views. The snow gives way and we make good progress before lunch, eventually stopping by a creek to partake in the daily stuffing of faces and dozing. Soon after, we begin a long descent and the sky turns overcast. We can see wolf creek ski area in the distance. So close but so far. The afternoon is full of bad narrow tread and a horrific amount of blowdowns across steep slopes, forcing precarious navigation. I keep scraping my legs on the downed trees, not to mention my chaffe is bad today. The final straw is a branch that rips my shorts, exposing my commando ass cheeks for all to see. I lose my shit and announce I’m taking the easy bail out route to wolf creek pass, rather than continuing up and over the ski area in this mess. My compadres are very understanding. We continue on, but right before the bail out point I have an epiphany: this is the fucking CDT man, no one ever said it was going to be easy, I gotta woman the fuck up and embrace the brutality. I announce I will join the rest of the group on the harder route. To my surprise, they cheer. The CDT, so full of ups and downs, literally and figuratively.


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