5 miles hiked
705.6 total miles

It’s a long 5 mile morning traversing wolf creek ski area. When we get to the pass, I’m more than ready for town. I spend the last half mile hiking like a bowlegged cowboy because my inner thigh chaffe is so bad. We hitchhike to Pagosa, and Ddubs and I get a ride from a man who lives in Tucson. We have great conversation about the city, the CDT, eachothers’ lives; it’s one of those rides where you feel like you’ve met a long lost friend. In Pagosa, we line our packs up on the sidewalk and sit in dwindling shade, gorging on asian fusion tacos. Soon, my dad and brother, Isaac (who’s name, the foreigners note, sounds vaguely like ‘ice axe’) arrive to whisk us off to my dad’s cabin an hour’s drive away. They are amazing and I am so grateful, but lord, also so not ready for the paternal drama. We stop to resupply and it’s hectic. Finally in the evening we arrive at the cabin, where good company, burgers, beer and wine end the day right.


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