18.7 miles hiked
754.6 total miles

I wake up to my alarm only to discover that my phone battery is about to die. When I figure out that my external battery has mysteriously died overnight, I am perplexed. Luckily it has a solar cell on it, so hopefully that will suffice for the next few days until the next town. All morning in the sun gives my phone only about 3% charge. Frustrating. Luckily I am hiking with others who have batteries, and I bum some electricity, though I feel guilty. But now I can continue to rely on my phone for maps and navigation rather than the poorly printed paper set that I have. (A word of advice when printing maps: suck up the weight and price of heavier, higher quality paper.) The day is a roller coaster of ups and downs, literally and figuratively. We cross the infamous knife edge with little trouble; there are only a few patches of steep snow. The views are possibly the most spectacular yet, but in the afternoon the smoke moves in from the 416 fire and obscures the distance. Some members of the hiking party are lethargic and a bit grumpy. My mood improves throughout the day, early frustration over the solar battery giving way to the flow of hiking and hearty views. Still, as the smoke moves in, I worry about my family’s cabin, and about the earth in general. I know the fire was started by a train, but I want to blame it all on global warming.



  1. annemcguffey

    Hi NoDay,

    I’m hiking on the Colorado Trail, and hoped to cross paths with you. Two days ago I met a CDT hiker, John, in the Ten Mile range near Breckenridge; he knows you and said you were already north of me. Sorry to have missed you! I’m enjoying following your journey!

    Anne McGuffey Wellness Coach, Energy Medicine (928) 607-5588

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