AZT Southern Terminus

In the world of people, buildings, jobs, commutes, paychecks, and bills (“the real world?”), my name is Amanda. In the wonderwanderworld that is long distance hiking, my trail name is NoDay.

This site is devoted to my time in wonderwanderworld. There are musings from my thru-hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail (2013) and the Arizona Trail (2015), as well as some more current musings.

Notably, you might find a series of audio blogs from 2015. I recorded them nightly on the AZT because:

  1. I was too lazy to laboriously thumb up a daily blog entry on my smartphone.
  2. I wanted my family, friends, and the general public to share my experience in a more personal context, i.e. through hearing my actual voice, not my hurried written voice.
  3. To my knowledge, I did not know of any other audio thru-hiking blogs, and I wanted to give the online community a different way to absorb the experience of a thru hike. 

2017 UPDATE:

Ehh, who was I kidding? I was just too lazy to write on the AZT. And I generally still am. But the audio thing works out reasonably well, so I will continue in that vein of media-sharing.




One Response to About

  1. cheryl says:

    Hi Amanda, I met you yesterday on the act with my family the santorell’ s. I listened to your blog and loved hearing about your experiences. Keep going and keep blogging. I admire you so much. I don’t know if you will get this but I will follow you on instagram!! I will also share your blog with the family. We will be listening and learning!! Cheryl and the santorelli famiglia.


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